Operational Leasing

You want to drive a car, you do not tax, insurance, repairs, maintenance. The operational leasing of all the advantages of holding a car, minus liabilities related!

Differences between finance leases and operating leases

If your company fleet is developed by financial lease, if you who bear out the monthly all maintenance and repair costs, insurance, taxes and, at the end of life vehicle, Cutting costs. Specifically, financial leasing, car all the risks that they assume you are using.

Operating lease, sign a fixed term contract with the leasing company and pays a monthly rate. In exchange for this, the company handles all responsibilities associated machine you use: paying taxes and insurance, repairs, maintenance, tire changes due to wear, with no additional cost to you. In addition, operational leasing company will provide you technical assistance nonstop throughout the country, driver - optional, and if the car is stopped service for repairs, exchange offers car.

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In short, through operational leasing receive, in exchange for a fixed monthly installments:

registration and road tax
Hull and RCA
Non-stop road assistance
vehicle for replacement.

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Operating lease you save time and money, as follows:

Standing machine you have running in perfect condition, without the risk of spending that would block your financial resources
manage your funds more easily, without risking unexpected expenses, paying a fixed, pre- brokering relationships with insurance companies and service sites are not done by your staff during your
focus on the core activity of your company without a fleet manager's responsibility or to take any financial risk for ownership of one.

Nothing simpler ... AID Cars Rent a Car Timisoara offers the best solution to solve your problems.

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